I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Re: I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

Tom Hoots wrote:


I had plenty of dust in my NEX 18-200mm lens, with a couple of prominently large chunks that just bothered the heck out of me. And yes, I took a vacuum cleaner to it, and in the end I was 100% successful -- the dust is gone. Here's my story:

In the end, I'm thrilled. Gosh, it seems like if the dust could get in there somehow, you ought to be able to vacuum it out of there somehow. And it sure worked for me.

Tom Hoots

Wow, that story really sucks!  {8^)

Seriously, though, nice work!

I can see where this could spark a whole adapter industry to fit different vacuum hoses to different lenses.

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