Nikon service refusing warranty repair ... can I pay now and dispute later?

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon Failed Me....

PaulBearer wrote:

Having a camera company not be perfect seems to be part of the territory.

My Nikon rate of failure over the last 40 years has been much lower than my Canons. Canon refused to cover my p&s under warranty, without just cause. That helped cause my first DSLR to be a D70. I've had very good service and reliability since.

That's my experience. Left a sour taste in my mouth.

Anyone who thinks they'll not have a bad customer service experience if they jump ship is fooling himself.

By the way, I agree with what Paul says here.

My Nikon experience over the past 13 years (starting with my F100) has actually been pretty good: only two issues: this one, and a broken foot on my old SB28 flash after I knocked over the light stand it was on ... obviously I had to pay for that one!

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