E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

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Re: E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Out of box fiddles and handling brought up some E-PL5 issues that of course I need to learn to live with.....

♦ Silver body - seems like a cheap spray job, just has that cheap look to it. But that's me.

♦ Mode dial - twists a little too easily, I like the very firm E-PL1 action.

♦ Screen - yes should be 4:3 or at least 3:2, but then I do need to get used to trying to always shoot in 16:9 as that is how all the screens in the house are shaped. At least the RAWs are there at 4:3 so situation is safe for any prints.

♦ Buttons - oh hell, a whole new layout to learn to get used to. At least the red movie start button is somewhere less bumpable by me, but it's assigned to something else anyway (now set to 2x tele toggle, hey, that's nice and handy for casual shots).

♦ Menu on screen - bright white background, what the heck were they thinking? The upside is that I can now get around in the dark by shining my menu screen ahead of me.

♦ Flash - I do hate that silly add-on flash, put it back in the body, Olympus.

♦ Battery/card door - flops about, needs a little spring to keep it open when fumbling. Better though that it now swings a different direction so is easier to get the card out.

♦ Charger - this one orange for charging, goes out when finished, oh pain, why not keep it red/blue like the old one?

This one is to save energy, many chargers do the same for that reason.

So now with E-PL1/E-P3/E-PL5 in the house to compare I do see the E-PL5 as nicer in some ways but not so nice as above. The Mode Dial MySets are what sold it to me. Of the three cameras the E-P3 is definitely the nicest to use. After a few years of E-PL1 I will obviously need retraining to suit the E-PL5 so my opinions will probably get better from now on.

Regards.... Guy

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