Anything seriously bad to say about the LX-7?

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Re: Anything seriously bad to say about the LX-7?

golemus wrote:

Not serious flaws but:

- I have found nothing else that knows to open LX-7 RAW format except the bundled programs that are difficult to use because of really bad english translations.

- USB-connector is of really rare standard, not the ordinary mini or micro-USB. If you forget the cable home it is highly unlikely that your friend will have a cable that connects to your camera.

- video output is HDMI-mini connector, also a really strange choice as HDMI-micro seems to become more defacto standard and most likely HDMI-mini cables are also difficult to find from your friend.

1 and 2 above are wrong.

Lightroom and Aperture both open LX7 Raw, you need their recent updates.

The USB connection on the LX7 is the standard micro USB. Note that this is smaller than "mini usb" and is actually more common on newer devices. It's not "rare".

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