Latest findings on NEX6 video duration?

Started Jan 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
Son Of Mustang Ford Contributing Member • Posts: 710
Re: Confirmed

GodSpeaks wrote:

However the artificially imposed 30 minute recording limit (outside the EU) is completely unacceptable and rediculous.

You are right and wrong - It is unacceptable (especially as it is easily avoided), but it is not ridiculous. It is a perfectly understandable business/production method that has been going on since manufacturers decided they needed to sell their stuff in more than one market. For instance in the 70's many european cars started being made with huge ugly plastic bumpers (fenders), the reason being that they were required on the US version of the car (more likely the Californian version). Even this was avoidable - don't change the euro version. But it is simpler and cheaper to just make one version. Wrong, but not ridiculous.


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