My 17mm 1.8 just arrived!

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Re: My 17mm 1.8 just arrived!

ryan2007 wrote:

Mikeywcu wrote:

Just got home to find my Oly 17mm 1.8 and filter waiting at the door for me. The filter has a chip, so B&H is sending me a new one. Kind of an inconvenience after waiting four weeks for the lens, but since the lens it fine, this is really a minor problem.

First impressions: Wow, this is exactly what a m4/3 lens should be - lightweight but totally solid. The snap ring feels good (I don't have the 12mm, so I can't compare), and the focus is as fast as my 45mm 1.8. Looks very handsome and svelte on my OMD (except I wish it were black!)

Unfortunately it's quite dark outside, and I have a stack of grad work awaiting me, so the first shots taken at a decent ISO will just have to wait until tomorrow.

I was on the fence between this and the PL 25mm 1.4, and I'm still not sure that I'm 100% comfortable with this wider focal length. But I think once I start shooting pretty steadily, I'll get a feel for whether or not this was the right choice.

Pictures to come...

The 17 and 25 are totally different perspectives and are useful. Depends on what you are doing and how close you can get or how far you need to back away from the subject or object.

The wider the angle the more you have to watch that you are level with the camera to object when possible.

Take a tall building you can take the same shot but obviously get more in with the 17 mm than the 25 mm


Good points. I'm aware of the huge difference between the focal lengths, which is why I was so on the fence between the two. In my film days, I shot with a fixed 50 1.8 all of the time. It was my only lens. While I still love the 50mm focal length, I'm wondering if the 35mm will expand my horizons and push my limits a bit.

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