E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

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Re: E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

Hi Guy.

I tried the EPL5 out myself, and while it is a nice, solid feeling camera, I didn't think it sat in the hand as well as the EPL1, and I also had a few of the same concerns you do (the mode dial being too easy to accidentally shift modes on, for one).

I have a suggestion...Why not wait to see what the EP-5 will have? It's a rumor, yes, but if one is announced at the CP+ show in a couple of weeks, it might be worth it to wait and see what it has...I mean, if it has a larger LCD and grip, controls, and flash like the EP-3, it would definitely be worth the wait.....Of course, there is an equal chance it will not have the built-in flash, though.

Just a thought....


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