Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: D800 and D800E

The D800E construction probably has more to do with production cost than anything else.  They keep the same production line and same tolerances ( if they used a piece of glass they would have to produce a piece of glass with the same thickness tolerances as two LiNb slabs.

The D800E is identical to the D800 except the outer cosmetics that says D800E and the orientation of the second LiNb slab.  Minimal production cost increase - and I assume maximal profit since it cost 300 bucks more.

Roland Karlsson wrote:

All this talk about % fillness is beyond me really.

But I think I understand why Nikon sells both a D800 and D800E.

The D800 is the "mainstream" variant, the one that most people are assumed to be attracted by. So ... its needed to keep sales up for the D800 pair.

The D800E is an experiment in technology and marketing. Nikon has chosen a quite cheap solution. The D800 has two LiNb slabs, crossed 90 degrees, as all normal AA filters. The D800E has the same LiNb slabs, but one is rotated 180 degrees. This will result in a camera with virtually no AA filter, at the same price as one with. No need for any special designs.

Nikon could instead have made the D800E without LiNb slabs, and using a glass window instead. A naive thought would be that this is even cheaper. But ... I assume that thought is wrong, and the redesign needed to get the camera up to spec is higher.

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