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Re: Question about RPP settings


I am using Lightroom 4 most of the time - RPP only for images where I'm not happy with the OOC jpg.

  • For this to work, I shoot raw+jpg all the time and import both into LR, keep the RAF as is (e.g. don't convert to .dng as RPP will not be able to open it)
  • Donate a little to RPP (if you haven't done so already). This will let you enable the Lightroom plugin which significantly simplifies the workflow. It will let you use the Lightroom export function to open an image directly in RPP (via rightclick->export->open in RPP).
  • I use a preset/color profile I found some time ago here: Installation instructions are a bit further down in that thread. The color profiles are excellent, they are absolutely essential!
  • I tweaked the presets a bit, YMMV: WB as shot. Compressed Exposure typically between 0.2 and 0.9, depends on the image of course. Cold/Warm 0.05 (as it tends to be a bit on the cool side for the X-Pro1), Saturation 30, local contrast 10, Blur chroma, Remove dot-noise.
  • If you apply one of the color profiles above, using a film-mode (e.g. K64) and Curve type 'Film-like' works well together (although this applies 'film-like' kind of twice).
  • The rest of the workflow I switch back to LR again: In RPP, use the drop-down below the save button to select that an exported file should be opened in LR after exporting (I believe this function is only enabled once you donate).
  • Save in LAB Tiff if you have plenty of disc space and losing any image information is an absolute no-go. I use jpg 95% (sRGB) most of the time for space reasons... Saving will trigger the LR Import dialog, remember to use the 'Add' function instead of 'copy' as the image is already in the same folder as the original raw file.
  • In LR, I created 2 presets for the 2 lenses I use (18mm, 35mm). 18mm needs rather hefty distortion correction (+25). Color noise is typically obvious so I put that slider to at least 25.
  • Then carry on with sharpening, noise reduction, hue shifts...

Hope that helps...

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