My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: Simple test.

Johan_K wrote:

brianf wrote:

Hi Marco,

Thanks for getting back to me, like you I can put up with it but if it turns out there are GH3's around with colour accurate EVF's I will push for one via Panasonic as I use my EVF most of the time.

In every other way I think the GH3 is a fantastic tool.



I´ve got the same problem with color accuracy in the EVF as well, but as long as the files and the LCD shows the right colors that´s not a very big issue for me - I do use the EVF most of the time though.

And as you say Brian, the GH3 is fantastic


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Hi Johan,

Thanks for the feedback, I am sure this problem will quietly go away in a future production batch from Panasonic, that will be the time I get mine fixed or replaced but for now there is not much I can do about it other than live with it.



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