Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

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Re: Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

Duncan C wrote:

I don't have any specific experience to draw from, but the idea of having ANY DSLR hanging off my body on a 'biener while I swing an ice axe makes me cringe. SLRs don't like shocks, don't like dirt or ice, etc. I'd put it in a form-fitted case and take it out when I was ready to shoot, or just live with a P&S camera instead.

If it weren't for "tough" camera's we wouldn't have some of the spectacular photos we have today. I'll never forget the story of Bill Biggart's Final Exposures in which his Canon camera took a beating while photographing the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Now we're not asking a camera to take that sort of abuse, but we shouldn't expect cameras to fall apart because of a bump or two here and there. And no, no one want to intentionally abuse their cameras, but it is nice to know should you accidentally do so, the camera can take it.

My two cents.

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