What camera for major backpacking?

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Re: LX3 versus proper camera

David Lal wrote:

acmedata wrote:


You'll be averaging 9 miles per day, up/down 3300' per day, possibly solo. That's a major backpack trip.

It sounds like you've sorta answered your own question...you want to complete the trip and capture images to document the journey and amazing landscapes. You don't need/want to haul lots of camera gear and have it get in the way of the hike.

I recommend a the best P&S you can find, perhaps an RX100 or LX7 or similar. Eight to ten ounces vs 30+ for a DSLR and zoom.


What great images, especially #1. I'd love to do that 'walk'.

I have a tiny LX3 which I guess is similar to ther more recent LX7. I normally take it skiing with me - and I'm a serious off-piste skier. The main problem I have is remembering how to use it as it does not normally see a lot of use.

I have to say, quite often I get back and think to myself "I wish I'd taken a proper camera" but the pictures are not bad at all - and I do not have to take so many wives with me to carry the gear.



The 'walk' to the Keyhole through the Boulderfield on Longs is actually a very straightforward stroll on a freeway-like trail (just a hefty elevation gain). After the Keyhole it becomes a Class 3 scramble with a bit of exposure. Here's a shot from the bottom edge of the Boulderfield (the Keyhole is visible just above and right of the largest snowfield).


north edge of Boulderfield, with Longs Peak at 14,255 feet

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