Sony NEX-F3 or Olympus EPM1/EPL3

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Re: Sony NEX-F3 or Olympus EPM1/EPL3


Overall my main priorites are simplicity of use, image quality and one of the main reasons for getting the camera would be motorsports if that helps. I'm also open to other suggestions.

A lot depends on technique and skill even if you have the right equipment.

I don't know anything about the Sony so I'll concentrate on the Olympus

Those two cameras you mention are Gen 3. Their high ISO and the look of their images of the Gen 3 and earlier are good but nothing like the Gen 5 - OM-D, E-PL5, E-PM2.

I just bought the E-PM2 because I like the smallness the cheapness and I already have two old DSLRs that I want to keep using until it is past their time. In that context, the E-PM2 is my small cam, not my only cam.

These PL and PM series don't have a built in viewfinder. When I am shooting moving things at a distance, I prefer to bring the camera to my face, instead of holding it arms outstretched. I'd use a tele / zoom and there's a lot less hand shake and you're able to keep pace with the motion better with a viewfinder. You can buy the add-on viewfinder at extra cost. In bright summer light, you can't see the moving subject clearly without a viewfinder.

You then need the longer lens - again depending on how you shoot, check out the price of the lens you need for this. Traditionalists will just say get a more classic DSLR with the right lens - either a current entry level or an older gen, discounted enthusiast model.

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