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Re: My experience is different. OnOne is color-managed on my PC.

Phil Hill wrote:

If you’re using a recent version Windows (I don't know about Macs), you might not have properly registered the display profile with the OS. On my system, the standalone OnOne software perfectly matches Photoshop and DPP. Other programs, such as FastStone, that don’t use the OS profile behave as you described.

I confirmed with the FastStone developer that it is color-managed but it doesn’t use the registered display profile. Nor is there any way to tell the software what profile to use. I’ve also confirmed that PS and DPP are using my custom display profile, and both of these look exactly like OnOne’s display.

Although I don’t see a way to force OnOne to use a different profile, it does appear to be using the one I registered in the OS.

In my first reply I misunderstood what you were asking.

thanks again Phil...i'm using apple computers...nothing i tried within preferences worked...just throw up my hands and give up on it...maybe one day I'll write onOne again about it, see if i can get a response...not a big deal, just thought i could add it as an option to some of my workflow...

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