D90 user thinking about move to D600

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Re: D90 user thinking about move to D600

tamasine wrote:

Thanks for all your replies! I'll respond below to some of them:


If the 24-85 VR is as good as the 16-85 VR then I would be very happy. It's my favourite lens of all, not just for the focal range, but for the great IQ, colours and contrast it gives me. However, from a lot of reviews (professional and consumer) it seems that the 24-85 doesn't have the equivalent performance on FX as the 16-85 has on DX

I guess the way forward is with higher MP cameras now...even on DX we're up to 24MP and the D7000 successor will surely have this as well. Personally, I prefer lower MP. I even considered a D700 but I think that would be a mistake in the long run.

I've never shot the 16-85, so take this with a grain of salt, but...many of the reviews that I read for the 24-85 VR cite the same issues that I see in reviews for the 16-85 VR: expensive for a kit lens, too much distortion for the price point, too much vignetting at the wide end, sub-pro build quality.

I've found the 24-85 to be sharp, offer nice contrast, have decent build quality (for what it is - I had the 18-135 years ago, and the 24-85 VR definitely seems more solid). It's not my favorite or most used lens, but I would imagine if you like the 16-85, you'll be comfortable with the 24-85.

If you could find a kit deal like that they were offering over Christmas (where the lens was essentially free), then it's a no-brainer IMO.

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