Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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DR, ETTR and Sanity

I spend a lot of time working to understand the results of my shooting.  I check the exposures at the end of every shoot with Rawdigger to make sure the methods I employ are actually effective - that I am not loosing the highlights or shadows, where possible.

It really is imperative that you have the proper exposure if you want the widest dynamic range. The thing is, neither your camera nor Lightroom (for example), tell you what your exposure actually is.  What I have found is that the camera histogram, blinkies and aftershot version of both, are only approximations (based on a .JPG rendering).

This is a big topic and I really don't wish to reiterate the thousands of words already expressed on this forum about this.

A summary is appropriate to set your mind at ease, it's probably not the camera, it's probably the exposure or processing that is challenging you.

In addition, with regard to ETTR, you can experiment yourself easily by setting your camera to A mode, spot metering, +3 EV, point it at the brightest area in the frame and AE lock, then compose and shoot the frame.  This method works and is highly accurate in producing well balanced exposures, often without any loss at either end of the histogram.  This method really works well when shooting outdoors.

Your may be having processing challenges and those are another topic altogether.

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