5 day dSLR Hiking Pack

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Re: 5 day dSLR Hiking Pack

I routinely take 3-4 week backcountry trips.  My base-weight for the pack and all contents (including bear-proof food canister and 9 days of food) is about 35 pounds.  this includes tent, sleeping bag, clothing, food, stove, fuel, water-treatment equipment, etc.  THEN, I add about 15-20 pounds of camera gear!

I keep all of the "extra" camera gear safely stowed in the center of my backpack, for protection from bumps and the elements.  I keep "essential" gear, like lens wipes, extra lens, cable release, batteries, memory cards, etc., in the top pocket of the pack.  The main camera body with lens is in a "fanny pack" that I carry in FRONT of me, looped over the hip-belt of the backpack.  This keeps the camera access-able but out of the way, and protected because I have a pretty well padded fanny pack.  Also, if I take a fall or tumble, I can generally fall to the side or onto my back to protect the camera.

The backpack that I have been using for many years is an Osprey "Aether" 60L.  They cost about $250, and it can comfortably carry about 50 pounds.  This pack has been to the summit of Denali (Alaska), the northern coast of Greenland, New Zealand, Mt. Orrizaba (Mexico), and all over the lower 48 States.

And after 5 days, you will just barely be starting to stink.  Try going 4 weeks on a glacier without a shower!

You can see some of my early photos at www.hikewithjim.com.



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