Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

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Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

jimoyer wrote:

Other than the obvious that they are slightly faster, how much realistic increase in image quality (if any) would you gain with these two primes over either an Oly 14-42 IIR or a Panny 14-45? I'm just wondering if I realistically gain anything by buying two primes, even at this price, that I don't already have covered at least in focal length.

The 30mm Sigma is sharper than the kit lens:

As you can see from this image, the 30mm gives you decent subject isolation for portraits, with quality bokeh, and none of the facial distortion that you get with the Panny 20mm, or the Sigma 19mm.

The 30mm 2.8 allows me to shoot indoors on my E-PL1 with ISO is the 1000-1250 range and achieve shutter speeds in the 1-30 to 1-50 range.  Shutter speeds lower than that are dicey at best with significantly lower keepers.  The kit lens will give you a F4.0/F4.5 at 30mm range and your shutter speed will be an unusable 1/5 in dim indoor light.  The Oly 45mm 1.8, while a much sharper, better lens, simply isn't useable in many settings indoors.

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