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Amber is anomalous to snow, that's why I picked it ..

LouHolland wrote:

Serge your image looks like a mistake with an amber filter, thats my first impression but, I know that some glas/windows has that color. The idea behind your shot is well seen but you've to like the colour as it is quite prominent. I've converted your shot to B&W and it looks fine too and maybe the shadows are even more a mistery now and if I put a layer on top of it, it's possible to remove the reflections as well and you don't even notice you're in a cabin on that high. I also like the bowed horizon line as it create the impression of a fisheye lens. Personally I think I would go for the B&W version but, I have to admit that the coloured version has more transparancy.

Cheers Lou

This B&W version will be removed within five days.

The reason I would not do it in BW is because it would need to be a better frame from the start, without obvious abstractions in it. When there are abstraction it is clear what they are. If I BW it it will look as if it was not that good really, and I only tried to save it by converting to something else. Weird thinking, is not it :)? This was a better frame for example, and it is better fit to BW,

Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.

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