Looking at upgrading from D90: D600, D700, D800 or ... D4

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Re: Looking at upgrading from D90: D600, D700, D800 or ... D4

The D700 is a great camera (I shot it for a few years) and the files are not gargantuan. I printed hundreds of 13X19s with it.

The D800/E is a much superior camera but you pay a steep price for it in the end if you have to buy a newer more powerful system to handle its files - which are gargantuan. If you already have a powerful enough PC or Mac and sufficient memory (I'd suggest 16 GB) then spending over $3000 for the body makes sense. I did it 10-months ago (and had to invest in a new system too) and I'm extremely pleased with the camera and the highly detailed prints I can now produce.

The D4 - as you say - is pricey and I've never shot one.

Marathon Man wrote:

Nikon would like us DX shooters to upgrade to the D600 FX format.

I would love to go FX as well.


Although the D600 is almost perfect, I believe that it lacks something big in mind: those focus points all bunched up in the middle.


D700? Isn't it too "old"? How's the high ISO?

D800? Way too big of RAW files, no?

D4? Perfect, of course, but too pricey, way too much.



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