Oly lens roadmap...new tele?

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Re: Oly lens roadmap...new tele?

aimawayfromface wrote:

kwa_photo wrote:

I see that the old 40-150 (plastic mount) can be had for $99 when you buy an OM-D. I passed on it, I'd like a little more reach and it wouldn't get that much use when I have one with more reach. Now, if it were sealed like the 12-50, I'd bite - no question.

40-150mm is an excellent lens. I routinely crop to 100% and still get tack sharp images at 150mm. (and that's with an E-PL1 even). I haven't done the calculation but I'm sure this means I'm getting an effective digital zoom factor of 2 or more (ie, EFL ~600mm). Of course you can also crop the 100-300mm down, but I hear that lens is a bit soft at 300mm and wouldn't have as much headroom to do so. Plus the 40-150mm is a small, extremely lightweight lens that I can easily carry in my jacket pocket attached to the camera. And for $99, it's easily replaced should it be damaged by weather or dust.

The 40-150 (old version, for 4/3) is really an underappreciated little lens. I find its bokeh to be surprisingly smooth for what it is, too.

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