X-E1 and OMD

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Re: X-E1 and OMD

JimLong wrote:

If I applied sharpening in ACR, the OMD would start to exhibit sharpening artifacts much sooner than the Fuji - particularly in the sky areas. I would notice that the sky was starting to look grainy.

I had the OMD for 4 months and thousands of photos.  These artifacts you mention were the biggest killer for me.  They didn't appear only in the sky, but on skin as well, and it was really quite horrific looking.  It's almost like the RAW files are already pushed to their limits straight out of the camera, specifically when dealing with sharpening.  I had been a Oly shooter for years & really wanted all of my big & expensive lenses to bring forth greatness on the OMD, but this one trait of the camera just ruined it for me.  I could live with the camera otherwise, and really was impressed with the amount of PP latitude available (aside from sharpening).  And I'm still amazed that I never see anyone posting about this in the micro 4/3rds forum.

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