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Re: It will come as no surprise

RoelHendrickx wrote:

It will come as no surprise that I like the low-key look of this, with entire parts of the image in almost pure darkness. That is how I often enjoy finishing my own concert shots.

It works well with this person because the hat creates some texture and shape in an otherwise very empty part of the image.

The body (his back and bottom)? We don't need to see that to know that it is there.

The singer is reduced to his essence: guitar, hands, face, hat.

CharlesB58 wrote:

This is from a recent shoot of acoustic blues singer Kelly Joe Phelps. He wanted colored lighting, changing with certain songs, so this was both an extra challenge and extra fun compared to most of the shoots I do for this client. This one has grown on me as it seems to reflect the introspective nature of most of Kelly's songs.

E520 zd40-150 @ 110 mm 1/60 @ f5.2 ISO 800.

I think that performance shots carry much more meaning in a context of having been present than in their still-photo record. For example, last night I attended a reading. For a photo-viewer that event is a picture of an old guy at a podium; for me it's a hook to memories of insightful moments.

Photographically, I would mostly concur with Roel's comments, except slightly on the crop. I think the left-side crop is fine as is. The bottom could be trimmed to just below the seam of Phelps' jeans, letting his right leg profile remain as a base to forestall a "floating in air" look that could occur if cropped under his hand.

The perspective on Phelps' right arm is unfortunate, though I do understand it. The angle foreshortens his arm, and it reminded me of a highschool classmate born with a half-size arm/hand.

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