Future of Sigma cameras?

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Re: Future of Sigma cameras?

motomanDK wrote:

Eddie Davis wrote:

The specs does not have to meet exactly where N and C are, but they have to be comparable and in the same ballpark.

I disagree - the Sigma's are 'back to basics' cameras with another target customer group. The specs doesn't need to be comparable.

I am happy to get rid of all the 'junk features' i never use like scenes, live view, HD video and such

Amen to that for my own purposes.

But Wife takes shots of trinkets for her eBay store and our recently-acquired Panasonic G1 micro 4/3" and big tilting live-view LCD does a super job! We English have a phrase "horses for courses" . .

Although it is unlikely that Sigma can or will go much less in pixel pitch than the current 4.9um, a 4/3" system would at least break the dreaded SA mount strangle-hold, don't y'all think?

Even if Sigma could or would develop a viable 16MP, 3.8um pitch, four-thirds sensor (most unlikely, IMHO), the P & 0 competition seems to have that already-niche market sewn up. So the sales potential there for Sigma is quite low, I would have thought.

Who here would buy a Foveon-powered, DNG Raw + JPEG, micro 4/3" camera? I would, BTW.

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