DO NOT BUY THE Carry Speed Strap (CS-PRO)

Started Mar 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
gringarense New Member • Posts: 5
What a weird Business Model

So Black Rapid's solution for the time being focuses only on those that have a Manfrotto tripod. Wierd choice considering that only a few people can afford to get those tripods.

Meanwhile the competitor, Carry Speed, comes up with a solution compatible with the ARCA-Swiss type of plates but neglects to consider the clientele that has smaller frames DSLR, like the Canon EOS / Rebel series. The CS-Pro plates blocks the Canon T2i battery door.

It seems that both companies are interested in capturing only the small segment of the market. Either the Full-frame DLSR users of the Pricey Manfrotto tripod users.

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