DO NOT BUY THE Carry Speed Strap (CS-PRO)

Started Mar 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
gringarense New Member • Posts: 5
Carry Speed CS-Pro not for Canon T2i. But Black Rapid is about to release a solution.

If you do not have a smaller body DSLR, like mine Canon T2i this does not apply to you:

I went to a retailer to check out the Carry Speed CS-Pro plate. I tried it on and it seemed to be ok. I did not get the product because of one reason major:

The plate blocks the battery door.

This is a no-deal flaw in the design for my specific purposes. The reason I wanted to get this solution was so I could be able to switch from strap to tripod with minimum effort. The fact that is blocks the battery door solves my problem, but it introduces a bigger one as I change batteries more often than I have to use my tripod.

Hopefully CS will come up with a new design for the smaller DSLR bodies.

On the same note I contacted Black Rapid and their customer service representative informed me that they will be releasing a ARCA-Swiss compatible system in March. I will wait and see.

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