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El Chubasco wrote:

For me the OMD's IBIS is a total deal breaker, it is simpy brilliant. Also, we should remember that OMD is designed to do Video very well, while XE-1 seems to be more directed towards still photography only.

I would switch to XE-1 if it had some stabilization system. I'll wait to see what Fuji develops in the upcoming years.

For me, IQ trumps IBIS. Fuji wins. But just to gild the lily...the kit lens is stabilized...as it probably should be.

Before I got rid of my OM-D, I was able to try it for video. It was...meh, ok. Any camera in the NEX line shoots better video (as does the RX100). Admittedly, video is not a very high priority for me, but I do use it occasionally.

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Yes, the Fuji kit lens is stabilized but still nowhere as effective at the 5 axis stabilization on the OM-D, that is in another league altogether. IQ trumps IBIS in my book also however we are not talking ordinary IBIS here. If you shut the IBIS system off in the OM-D to make a fair fight IQ still comes out neck and neck between the two cameras, the Fuji wins on this and the OM wins on that but switch the 5 axis IBIS of the OM-D on and in a typical low light situation the OM is working at least 2 stops lower ISO than my XE-1 with the kit lens OIS. That means ISO 200 for the OM and ISO 800 for the XE-1 using same aperture. How is the Fuji IQ going to be better?

I shoot mostly landscapes so shallow depth of field is not something I use often but the Fuji does win in that department when you want it with the larger sensor. However plug in the fact that for the same depth of field with both cameras I need to close the lens down one stop on the XE-1 (for example f/11 for the Fuji and f/8 for the OM-D) so this extra stop in addition the the 2 stops I gained with the 5 axis stabilization on the EM-5 help to keep my ISO much lower than needed on the XE-1. If you are working on a tripod things even out again since you are able to keep the ISOs the same on both cameras. This does not mean I do not love my XE-1 I do, but I think it's more about form factor than IQ that attracts me to the Fuji and it's incredible ability to get white balance correct under difficult lighting conditions. It does struggle with the color red however. I like both cameras for what they are but if I could only have one the the XE-1 would be looking for a new home.

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