Looking at upgrading from D90: D600, D700, D800 or ... D4

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Re: Looking at upgrading from D90: D600, D700, D800 or ... D4

I made the jump from the D90 to the D800 last summer (before the D600 was available), and I am very happy with that decision. The D800 is obviously a great camera, as is the D600, but I love having the extra controls that the D800 offers.

Once small example:

After taking a shot, I can press the center button on the joystick and get an immediate 100% zoom at the focal point to check sharpness.

There are lots of similar examples where having the extra controls on the D800 makes your life easier (along with a more robust body, water proofing, etc.).

The file sizes are GIGANTIC that is for sure! I think everyone understands that they will need more HD space (which is cheap), but for me I did not anticipate the extra load those large file sizes on processing time. Importing into Lightroom and generating 1:1 previews takes forever. Large, multi-layered edits in Photoshop take forever to update and save. I am running an older quad-core processor, and within the next month or two I am building a more powerful i7 just to try and keep up.

You probably can't go wrong with either the D600 or the D800. Both are fine cameras that will serve you well for a long time to come.

Best of luck!

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