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Re: Why do you need weather sealed?

tedolf wrote:

kwa_photo wrote:

tedolf wrote:

People shot SLR photo's for 50+ years without weather sealed lenses.

A little bit of drizzel or mist isn't gonig to hurt anything.

The Oly PENs have proven themselves to be well sealed cameras.

And, if it is raining so hard that you get drops on your front element even with a hood you are done shooting for the day anyway.

What makes you think you need weather sealed lenses?


1) I used to shoot my old Canon SLRs (film) in the rain and had no issues. However, they were more of a mechanical device vs. a modern camera that is pretty much an imaging computer. Same for a lot of the lenses.

As long as it isn't salt water it isn't going to hurt anything. There is no high voltage running around in a digital camera-nothing more than 7 volts, except for the flash circuit.

So just don't use onboard flash in the rain.

2) I enjoy shooting in inclement weather, I really do.

Well, what is "inclement weather"?

A little drizzel? A little mist? Some snow?

I know for a fact that a PEN will do just fine with a u 4/3 lens.

3) As another poster said, it's also a little peace of mind.

So is Lion insurance.

I can sell you some if you want it.

My first DSLR in 2002 was a Canon D30. I was shooting ski jumping right under the jump so the ski's were literally flying over my head about 3 feet away. The snow below me gave way (it was a little warm - yes, the resort stationed me there), i went down beneath the jump about 10 feet. The camera was soaked. I tried to dry it out and then lens. A few days later, the AF in that lens froze up. The camera was okay. Another time I got caught in a big snow storm in Germany and kept shooting. This was the D30 again. Moisture made it way into the lens. It literally turned to ice inside the lens (not sealed).

this is a design falt. 2002 was an early year for digital dSLR design.

There is no way that much snow should egress into a lens.

When it dried out/thawed, it was toast.

Interesting that as I predicted, the camera was fine once it dried out.

Bottom line?I like weather sealing if I can get it. On a good note, I had the E-1 and E-3 with mid-grade glass and shot those in the elements all the time...never an issue. I trust Oly seals.

FWIIW, one forumer here early on droped his E-P1 into a creek!

He retrived it and it was fine.

Weather sealing is an oversold gimick.

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Ok. It won't hurt a thing as long as it isn't salt water? How about you demonstrate this Tedolf? Take your PEN into some rainy or drizzly conditions, video tape it, post it on youtube and give us some evidence of your assertions.

It's quite easy to assure people on this forum that their non-weather sealed cameras are perfectly fine to be used in the rain, its another thing to prove it.

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