No D400 announcement on CES :-(

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Re: wrong article - for sure

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I don't get this either. It has been discussed, ad nauseum here. So long as a product is still being carried by an official importer, it's a viable product. The d300s is still listed for $1700 on NikonUSA. Now, if the d300s was such a poor product that wouldn't be replaced, wouldn't it be logical that they'd quit making it and have to reduce prices drastically to try to get rid of existing inventory?

Yes, it's getting a little long in the tooth, at about 3 years old but so is the d7k. But, I see absolutely no reason to believe that both of them won't be replaced when the time comes.


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All "logic" aside: who knows why Nikon does (or does not do) what they do?

Perhaps the D300s is still a "viable product" (despite it's being discontinued by Nikon Japan ) and perhaps it is still listed for sale on the Nikon USA website and at B&H for $1700.00 but just because something is [still] for sale doesn't mean that it's being bought at that price. (For example, the D3x is listed for sale new on Amazon as well as other retailers).

Additionally, I believe it's a well known observation that Nikon lists older models on their site at somewhat inflated prices and perhaps they do that so as to avoid competition between yesterday's news and today's offerings - hoping to make the newer products more appealing?(IE: the D300s vs the D7000). FYI though, the D90 and the D7000 are both being offered by Nikon [NEW] now at $899.00 each? (Although I suspect folks would be hard pressed to by a D90 over a D7000 at the same price.)

Another observation I've made of the D300s are the plummeting prices of those bodies on the used market. Despite Nikon "marketing" the D300s for $1700.00, good used bodies can be had for under $800.00 - less than 1/2 of what their are being listed as new by Nikon.

Those issues aside, I do agree - the D300s is as you say getting a little(?) long in the tooth as it is coming up on 4 years since it was released. Additionally, the article that was referenced does indicate that the D300s and the D90 are "End of life" (personally I think that's an understatement at this stage of the game). Does that mean that BOTH the D300s and the D7000 will be replaced? I personally don't feel convinced (that both will be replaced by separate models) and again that's part of why I feel that there might be a 35% chance of the D300s replacement appearing this year.

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