RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

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Re: RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One, ACR, and OOC JPEGs

rattymouse wrote:

One of the most important attributes of RAW shooting is white balance correction. The in-camera RAW processing allows one to change the white balance. You also get access to Fujifilm's exclusive color schemes.

I would always use the in-camera processor over SicklyPix's infernal interface.

Really? I recall a thread with your posts about in-camera processing and difficulties thereof:

rattymouse wrote:

Just try and process 100 RAW images and you will easily see what I am talking about. I doubt I have ever even attempted so many. I think at most this works for 10-20. Forget a full day of 300+. No one could do it.

Just ran into this problem today...have 190 shots and had to go back 4 times to #29 for RAW processing. Would have been quite a surprise if not for your observation. Thanks for pointing it out; looks like another item for the firmware update wish list.


Sorry, but I doubt that a firmware update is coming for this.  The problem has been around for 2 years and Fujifilm has done NOTHING to fix this glaring error.  It makes the in-camera processing almost unbearable.  You are a better man than I if you can go through and process 190 shots this way.  I couldnt.

This is yet another example of how the people who design Fujifilm's cameras have no idea how others operate them.


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