Obama's plan

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Re: Obama's plan

edwardaneal wrote:

how in any way do these current proposals stop a nut from using a gun that is already in circulation like what happened at Sandy hook?

They don't, but....

Obama had to do something. And while I believe it's all just BS and talking points (or whatever they're calling them these days), he had to step up finally and say something.  Couldn't let Biden keep going around with Eric Holder (of all people) talking about gun control.

What I don't understand is why he is more concerned with the way a gun looks, and video games...  than he is with putting away criminals that use guns, for longer periods, and repeat offenders "for life".

You can't make ANY difference until the criminals have no guns.

Instead they keep using them and keep getting out of jail, and using them again.

"School counseling" has no affect on that... since most of those kids have never been in a school.

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