FinePix HS50EXR vs. FUJIFILM X-S1 vs. Panasonic Lumix FZ200

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HS50 sensor size vs. FL1000 sensor size

Steen Bay wrote:

If we want to know how large the active/effective sensor size is, then we can just compare the lens' actual FL and the equivalent FL :

HS50EXR - 4.4-185mm vs. 24-1000mm = app. 5.4x crop

SL1000 --- 4.3-215mm vs. 24-1200mm = app. 5.6x crop

..and a 5.4x crop sensor has app. 7.5 % larger area than a 5.6x crop sensor.

And you actually SELECT & BUY your cameras based on this criteria???

Won't get the SL1000, because I already have the Canon SX50, that also has a 1/2.3" (Bayer) BSI-CMOS sensor and a 24-1200mm equivalent lens, but on paper the SL1000 specs are actually a bit better than the SX50 specs (16mp, higher resolution EVF, etc.).

Looking at the Canon SX50 and an SL1000 or HS50 EXR side by side (product pictures, features, specs), seems to me that either the Canon SX50 is seriously OVERPRICED, or else the Fuji Finepix alternatives are seriously UNDERPRICED.

The SX50 would perhaps be passable if Panasonic did not have its Lumix DMC-FZ200, but since it has.... well, you know.

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