why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

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Re: why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

I'm a human factors guy, and either way, like larger and/or well spaced buttons.

Although I confess to using a Sony NEX (5R) at present (needed forward facing display as a vanity mirror, ), it is a stand in for something more pro, and I took a look at the OMD, and whilst loving the retro design and IQ, coming from a Pentax K10D and Panasonic GH2 (and dreaming of a GH3!), I just cannot handle small buttons or controls and like a lot of Japanese cameras, the OM D does have that small hands/fingers feel.

To date, only Pentax get their (DSLR) control layouts right and I hope they move into the 4/3rds space and apply their outstanding ergonomics. If you read reviews of most of their DSLRs, each praises the handling.

Hopefully Oly will make a more chunky (4/3rds) camera next time around. I love the IQ from Oly cameras and would love to migrate to that brand if I cannot afford the GH3.

For now, only the GH3 seems to get everything right (features/ergonomics etc), except for the right hand side of the dial that is impossible to grip due to the ultra thick rubbery grip that protrudes around it. A few others have commented on this, including a top Canadian YouTube reviewer/camera dealer.

Sorry, UX guy having a minor UX rant!

(UX = User Experience)

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