Can anyone explain why RAW is better than JPEG?

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GIMP question Re: About JPEG Encoding

CAcreeks wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Look at just about any encoded JPEG using JPEGsnoop 1.61 available here:

Nice program! I use Linux most of the time, where I have exiftool and jpegdump for similar functionality. But Windows users will find jpegsnoop ultra useful, I think.

For Panasonic RW2, what raw converter do you prefer?

My favorite item is DxO Optics Pro (currently Version 7.23). It fully supports my LX3 and GH2 (with LGV 7-14mm and LGV 14-45mm) RW2 image-files. I am impressed with RAW Therapee 4.x, but it is vast and always evolving, and I have yet to be able to accomplish results that I like as much as DxO Optics pro when using it. Have Lightroom 3.6, which I have never taken to. Have WinXP OS so I cannot run LR 4.x.

Thanks for the opinions.

I have been thinking about committing to M43, and the GF5 and GX1 are close to what I want. My problem with Panasonic JPEG is related to color. Muddy blues and cyans, and bad skin tones that are difficult or impossible to correct. Additionally it seems that the encoding engine has problems, but I have not identified exactly that they are.

Currently my workflow is very simple and enjoyable: edit the images I like with GIMP, save with identical JPEG settings. Bam!

A question, do you not find doing a lot of image manipulation with GIMP an issue given that it works only in 8-bit mode? Part of the draw of shooting raw, we are told, is that one edits in 16-bit mode before finally committing to an 8-bit final saved file.

I have GIMP downloaded,but unused so far, hence my curiousity.

By the way, Adobe are giving away Photoshop CS2 for free at present (how long that will last I don't know):

So I am kinda thinking, if Photoshop CS2 is also free what's the benefit of having GIMP? Wouldn't the 16-bit ability of CS2 serve me better?

Thanks in advance.

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