why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

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Guy Parsons
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It's not the size that matters....

Handling a friend's E-M5 to help him set up I found the buttons to be no problem at all. Just that sometimes the "squishiness" with its different feel caused the odd moment where I needed a second squish to get things to happen.

So for me the size is not the issue.... it's the way that every damn camera has a different idea of how many buttons and where the heck will we scatter them to to confuse the buyer.

Was nice and peaceful with two E-PL1 bodies, everything on each was exactly where I knew it to be. One E-PL1 could not be fixed under warranty so was replaced by an E-P3 - oh heck different layout. Then I bought an E-PL5, oh damn, different again. Now three different layouts to battle with. It's OK in daylight but still slows me down, night shooting will be a disaster.

A good case to sell everything and only ever end up with two of exactly the same body each time I update. (The two bodies policy because my confidence in reliability was severely shaken with my annoying intermittent button fault on one E-PL1 body).

Regards...... Guy

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