would Fuji do the same stuff up again with the X20 (orbs &QC)

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Re: would Fuji do the same stuff up again with the X20 (orbs &QC)

rattymouse wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Expect this forum and others online to analyze every specular highlight with 1:1 crops.

As well they should. FUJIFILM muffed the 2/3" sensor in a spectacular fashion.

If each and every one is not a perfect ten point star without the slightest hint of sensor blooming expect users to throw Fuji, not under the bus, but under the road the bus is driving on.

Pure hyperbole on your part.

Perhaps you missed the smiley face I typed after my comment indicating that it was completely tongue-in-cheek.

Since the X20 has a completely new sensor with the same X-Trans technology found in the excellent X-Pro1 and X-E1, I don't expect any issues re: blooming.

The X Trans sensor is just a different color filter array. That has nothing to do with blooming. It is the sensor underneath that determines that.

Did I say that the X-Trans is related to blooming in any way?  No.  Perhaps you should read more carefully.  I said it's a completely new sensor that happens to share the X-Trans technology of the APS-C Fuji cameras, the X-Pro1 and X-E1 which have no issues with blooming whatsoever.

What I said was it's a brand new sensor so clearly Fuji will be extra careful to avoid any issues that were present in the X10 sensor.  From DPR's preview: "the X20 uses a completely new sensor, a 2/3"-type version of the X-Trans CMOS design used in the company's X-system cameras, but with added on-chip phase detection AF".

I've owned 2 X10s and have never experienced any QC issues whatsoever. On the contrary, the X10 is one of the best built, most robust compacts I've ever owned, which is exactly why I will buy an X20 straight away without waiting for any reviews at all.

My X10 has had multiple failures besides being built with a defective sensor. The lens on/off switch is clearly dying. The focus motor freezes up 20% of the time or so. The viewfinder seems to be falling apart (internal glass elements sticking as well as the eye relief loosening up).

Yet for all the negative comments that you make re: Fuji and how much they suck, you continue to buy their cameras.

Personally, I always look forward to discussing my Fuji cameras on this forum with other users, but for some reason you seem to have a real problem with Fuji and quite honestly your continually knocking Fuji makes this forum at times an extremely unpleasant place to hang out.   I may have to rethink whether or not I want to buy another Fuji camera, as part of the experience of owning gear is discussing it with other photographers.  But when I'm continually put in a position of having to defend the gear I enjoy using, it makes for a most unpleasant overall experience.

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