What I'd like to see in the Panny G7 or GH4

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SantaFeBill Senior Member • Posts: 2,473
What I'd like to see in the Panny G7 or GH4

1. GPS capability to write the data to the file at the time of exposure, either built-in or as a small add-on unit. Come on m4/3 makers. Some DSLRs have had this for some time, and even some P&S cameras. So it can't be that hard to implement.

2. Even better IQ and DR.

3. A global electronic shutter (silent I suppose by definition), usable at all the camera's ISO values.

4. Hybrid PD and CF AF, user-selectable, so the camera would be better for BIFs and other moving subjects where you need very good continuous AF.

5. Non-smearing EVF, which IIRC the OM-D already has, so it's technically possible. The EVF's brightness would also need to be adjustable to be bright enough to use in the bright sunlight common where I live.

6. At least the same range of relatively advanced controls and options for the serious photographer as the current G5, OM-D, etc. IOW, don't dumb it down or remove buttons and control wheels in order to move to a more menu-centric interface.

7. A battery grip for the G7 would be nice, but if the camera had the other features mentioned above and no grip available, I'd still buy it. I suppose a grip for a GH4 would be a given.

I'd be interested in what features others would like to have, as I've probably overlooked some important items.

An m4/3s camera with an SLR-like form factor with the above features would move me to that camera and system from my Nikons.

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