why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

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Re: why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

After half a year I'm still trying to learn the E-M5 button controls by feel rather than having to look--the shutter and dials are fine. Compared to some cameras the buttons are pretty close together, not easily distinguished from one another by feel, and don't have a tactile "click" when operated--an outcome of the method of Oly's weatherproofing. IMHO it's also "missing" a couple key dedicated buttons.

I have similar issues with the far larger E-5, which I'm still learning by feel as well. By contrast, I know the E-30 intimately and dont need to take my eye from the viewfinder to operate the controls.

I suspect if the E-M5 were my only camera I'd have it memorized by now, but hopping among various cameras is making it hard for me to truly learn.



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