Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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Re: Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

Macx wrote:

I'm not really an expert on this, but until one comes along, I'll give you a bit of advice.

The OM-D is very conservative about its normal exposure and tends to underexpose, so if you feel you lack dynamic range, and want to get the most out of the sensor you need to expose "to the right". That is, get as much exposure as possible without blowing the highlights. For this, you need to shoot raw.

And for this, I wouldn't recommend the live histogram, but instead use "the blinkies" (highlight/shadow warning) which shows you what part of your picture is currently over-exposed (orange) or under-exposed (blue). Set the warning level to the highest in the setup menu, and just increase the exposure until you start to see orange blots in the viewfinder. Some stop there, some stop just before and some stop a bit after. I stop there.

Great advice.  I do largely the same thing, although I hadn't thought to set the blinkie warning to the highest setting for highlights.

I find it easier to pull down highlights than pull up shadows with the E-M5's RAW files.

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