X-Pro1 JPEG vs RAW

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Ryan Williams
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Re: Did you mean this one Randy?

vkphoto wrote:

it all makes sense.

But the image that you posted in reply to Randy doesn't have "color bleeding" effect on Washington St. sign. Did you make any additional adjustments in ACR?

The bleeding is still there, but it's probably hard to tell if you don't have a well-calibrated monitor. The green is much lighter so it blends into the white more, but it's still there.

I think the crux of this issue lies at the pixel level. The reason it's not visible in Chris's excellent sign photos is because the issue only affects contrasting areas of colour where the problem area takes up a relatively small number of pixels (ie: distant or very small subjects).

For general photography this isn't actually much of a big deal, although this happening at the pixel level could cause overall tonality of an image to change should it happen in a lot of areas. However, it does limit cropping and extremely large printing significantly — the main reasons someone would be interested in an anti-aliasing filter-lacking sensor like X-Trans in the first place.

Dabbler wrote:

Ryan, thanks for making marbla wrong, I'm somewhat insecure myself and was thinking of boosting my ego by chiding him but you beat me to it!

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It'll never cease to amaze me how quickly people are prepared to initiate personal attacks on this forum. I'm not sure why me clarifying the image the previous poster was looking for made you deem it necessary to resort to this, but I'd appreciate it if you never directed any post at me ever again.

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