Critiques for a new guy?

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Re: Critiques for a new guy?

BobSC wrote:

First, edit more. It's better to show one than five.

I think the first one would be stronger if you cropped off the right and the top some.

The one with the leaves in the mud puddle doesn't do anything for me.

The one up through the leaves with the people is unfocused (thematically, not technically). The sun makes you look at the roof, and the leaves, but then there are the people isolated and cut off at the bottom. It would probably be a lot better if you had moved lower and closer to the people.

I'm going to disagree with BobSC.  If you're new, like very new.  Don't edit more, edit less.  To start off with I feel that learning digital should be in a similar manner to film where most students start off in black and white.  Because the first things you are learning are composition and light vs dark.

Start by making well composed images.

Editing should be done if you know what your intention is.  If you're trying to push the dynamic range of your camera or whatever other things you have in mind.  Not to mention, learning editing and learning to shoot at the same time may be difficult for someone with a full time job or family.

Once you have this base and are improving on composition and telling a you take your images to the next level with editing.  So many times I've seen new students come into a workshop and they are overprocessing or simply not processing correctly.  You have to know why you're doing something before you do it.  But before that, you have to be capturing the right image which tells the story.

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