Oly 45 f1.8 with pl5 em5 and gx1

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Re: Oly 45 f1.8 with pl5 em5 and gx1

Yehuda_ wrote:


Recently got myself a gx1 as a backup to my omd em5.

You know - for small paid stuff. Just didn't feel right about not having a backup body in case the worst happens and I'm stuck...

This solution has 2 main problems.

The first is inconsistency in color and sharpness in jpeg files due to different sensors and image processing engines.

Yes - I tweak my jpeg settings in advance, expose correctly and require little to no post processing.

Please don't suggest I shoot raw please. Tried it before. Too time consuming and no real gain for my purposes.

I own both the E-M5 and GX1, and unfortunately, this is the only solution I know of. I'm a RAW shooter and I have profiles for all of my cameras, so I can come pretty close to matching output across platforms.

The second thing that bugs me is that the 45 f1.8 Olympus lens focuses considerably slower on the gx1.

This makes shooting shallow depth images very challenging. The em5 is definitely better here.

Hmm... I don't find a significant difference in focus speed between the two. My GH1 is definitely slower, but the E-M5 and GX1 are close. If anything, because the GX1 allows for a permanently smaller AF box, its AF is more accurate, so while I find myself checking and rechecking focus on the E-M5 to make it focused on the right thing, I know exactly where the GX1 has focused.

This reminds me how trying to shoot with the 45 on the pl1 was near impossible.

I wonder if selling the gx1 and buying an oly pl5 or pm2 will solve my problems?

I think for consistency image wise yes.

But will the focus speed, accuracy and consistency be the same level of the em5 or might I be disappointed?

If anyone here has experience using any of those combos with the 45 f1.8 please advice.

Other than that - the gx1 is a really nically built, fun camera. Within a few minutes I felt at home. The em5 took much longer. I fact I still hate the fact that when zooming in playback on the em5 clicking the center button in the dead doesn't throw me back to full screen view but rather opens that idiotic editing menu... Arrrrghh!


On reason why I've always tried to keep a body each of Panasonic and Olympus around because each has strengths and weakness, but since both are in the m4/3 system, being familiar with both allows for great flexibility. Panasonic cameras are much more instinctive to me, but I was an early G1 adopter. Olympus cameras are a bit more quirky--I do love the level of customization I can get.

Anyway, not much in the way of advice on the E-PL5/PM2, but since they are internally fairly similar to the E-M5, I suppose they'd solve your problems with the GX1.

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