Future of Sigma cameras?

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Re: Future of Sigma cameras?

So let's hope that Sigma will correct the most glaring lacks then (which you are pointing out) and they will be miles ahead. Their golden goose I feel is the Foveon sensor that deserves to become a great success. But a camera is more than a sensor it seems, it all has to add up to an appealing package. It is a shame in a way, as the market is there, it is simply waiting for Sigma to get its act together. Another option is that they share the market for the Foveon sensor with another camera maker, but then they could probably close down their own camera division..... not a happy ending. The company is sitting on this excellent sensor and is a bottleneck in the world of quality photography.  Sigma needs to reconsider and make stuff people want and with the added edge the Foveon provides it will be hard for them not to be successful. Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth of advise.....

To make it short and very simple: go for one DSLR of high quality at a competitive price and one system compact with interchangeable lenses, that will suffice. And don't forget to remove the biggest turnoffs. The present stuff just seems to have too many of them. All the best!

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