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Re: Looking backwards

SergeyGreen wrote:

The shadows and rather unnatural for the snow colouring (through the glass) I thought made it somewhat different.

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I like the outerworldly colour and I also like the shadow (not just the fact that it is there, but also the pattern of the seats/cars against the pole : no overlap).

One aspect that I like less, is the fact that the best visible seat/car is overlapping with the snow-horizon. It makes it a bit muddled.

A better place for that seat/car would have been in the sky (really close to the top left corner, where you make the cable sprout from the corner exactly and admirably.

But then again :

* having a seat/car there, would create confusion of the shadows

* and more fundamentally : it is physically impossible because it would be much too close to the one you are riding in.

So I guess I am expecting the impossible.

Still, maybe on another stretch of the trip, the slope was steeper and it would have placed that seat/car against a background of only snow (not horizon?)

Anyway : excellent use of your phone-cam.

I am sure we will be seeing more and more smartphone-photos in the future...

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