Printer for landscape images?

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Re: Printer for landscape images?

TapioH wrote:

What is a good printer for making landscape images? And how cheap will still maintain good quality for a hobbyist? My budget is flexible and I don't have to buy just now.

I want to learn to control the image making process from start to finish. I shoot raw with decent dslr gear (over five years now), process with Capture NX2 and get mostly what I want on screen. But I know very little about photo printing and have used only printing services previously.

The amount of output will not be much -- in addition to smaller prints, perhaps some 100-150 a4/a3 (a3 is not a must) color prints a year, and possibly experiments with b&w, too.


I assume when you say Landscapes you mean the style of photography and not the orientation of the image right?

If you are just starting out, I would recommend the Canon PRO 9000 MKII. This is a $600 printer that can currently be purchased from as low as $80 and up through many a craglister or Ebayer.

Canon included this printer as part of a combo Camera / Printer deals with a nice rebate.

People took the deal and did not really need the printers thus the great deals out there.

The 9000 MKII is an 8 color dye based printer that produces gorgeous bright images on all many types of media. Later you can learn to refill and reset the same OEM carts for amazing savings.

Image Specialist inks sold through several 3rd party providers are out there as well.

Precission Colors has great support for this printer.

Later you can learn about Color Management and the use of Printer Profiles but first things first.

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