Sigma 17-50 Yellow color cast.

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Re: Sigma 17-50 Yellow color cast.

Sovern wrote:

Well like I said the Canon lenses besides the 18-55 are horribly underexposed. If you bring them up in post to match the 18-55 they will more than likely not have a color cast.

Fixing exposure is one problem that is a pretty easy fix (use the histogram or slightly raise exposure in post) but color cast is a different beast.

The Sigma however seems to be properly exposed and is displaying a yellow color cast.

OK I think you made a fair point here. So lets see.  So in the following I took the raw files from the OP and matched up the histograms on top of one another.  Interesting that it took a 4/10 of a stop spread between the 4 lenses to match these up.  White balance remains at 2500 +3.

I cropped these more identical to make up from the slight focal legth differences ( I didn't nail 50mm exactly on some of the zooms).  This way it makes it a little harder to tell which is which based on framing of the original sized images.  I mixed the order up now so guess which is which:

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