X-Pro1 JPEG vs RAW

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Re: X-Pro1 JPEG vs RAW


Thanks for the great examples.

I've done similar testing but attempting tomatch the OOC jpeg file with the raw file converted in LR4.3 and printed on B3 paper with an Epson 3800. The jpegs are quite good by my criteria. The raws are better in regards to detail and the range of shadow and hightlght detail.  The heinous WC effect in LR raw conversions is discernible in my tests when the files are viewed at 200% on screen. In the B3 prints this WC effect is not discernible to the my naked old eyes.

The  'well documented issues' with ACR & LR X-trans raw conversions are not universally interpreted. Some are alarmed, others not so much.  My tests and your well illustrated examples have me in the 'not so much' camp.

Having said all this, I continue to entertain fond hopes that Adobe will improve their demosaicing routines for the X-trans raw files.


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