Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

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Re: Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

Remember too that you might have to deal with Nikon USA at some point too.

If they see one small scratch on the body or lens, they'll probably yell "Impact damage" and then it will cost you $700 for a lens fix and maybe $1,900 for a body fix.  They don't seem to realize working pros or the general public will scratch their gear these days (but maybe they do meaning $$$?), or could care less and just charge for anything that comes through the doors with any indication of abuse.

To that end, I'd look for some P&S camera like the highly rated Panasonic Lumix series for scrambling where you could toss it if it gets banged up.  Nikon stuff is getting to the "It's disposable" instead of repairing/fixing it era.  If you can afford to let the D700 go without warranty and bang it around, then go for it.


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