Freedom, Guns, Blacks, and US Gov't Tyranny...

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Re: Freedom, Guns, Blacks, and US Gov't Tyranny...

vadimraskin wrote:

creeker wrote:

@ Quasar1

As an American, and longtime supporter of the 2 amendment, and one that has defended America many times in this forum, I feel the need to speak out on your stand. It is the likes of those like you that are the real enemy of America. Your yahoo, NRA is god mentality is leading us down a grave path. I have been a shooter, and NRA member for more that 50 years, and it's their unwavering no compromise position that has placed us in the place we are now. The Constitution was drafted for all citizens, not just NRA members. Your trumped up internet fueled paranoia that the public's desire to be safe is an attempt at a government takeover and you must defend us from that. is what grade C movies are made of. This country is at a crossroads. The American people are fed up. In his speech yesterday, Obama stated, "you will not lose the right to own your gun, we will uphold the 2nd amendment". To the people that don't have their head so far up their NRA a$$, his gun measures proposals were sensible to any intelligent thinking person. The only ones that need to fear background checks are those that have a reason to. We have had strict laws in CT for many years and it has not lead to the confiscation of firearms as opposer's to any form of legislation claim. The response by the NRA in the days since the Sandy Hook tragedy is a disgrace to it's members. We are now seeing the backlash from the selfish paranoid yahoo NRA members. You haven't seen anything yet. Wait until the American public gets organized in it's anti-gun fight. As a longtime gun owner heed, my words, it's time for compromise, we as gun owners are not the only citizens with rights. Come to my state and feel the pain of the parents and families of the children lost. Support the legislation that will make it harder for the wrong people to get guns. Take an hold your child close to you, and search your soul, and do what is right. After hearing the NRA's response yesterday, I will regrettably cancel my membership. They no longer represent my views. As a parent, and grandparent, and longtime gun sportsman, I feel it's time for change, and will not argue the point, thus, I will not respond to any reply's to my post. God bless all of you, and God bless America.



This is one of the best posts I've read on this subjects so far! My hat off to you! I wish more gun owners would hear this and agree. It isn't about guns. Guns are safe and harmless for as long as they are being used responsively and by people who know how to use them. It is about access to the guns and their proliferation into our society that made it impossible to have any degree of control of who gets them and how they are being used. NRA, as a representative of the gun owners, should be on the front line of the fight to make gun ownership safe to the public , not as a main opposition of ANY gun control. NRA is digging themselves in on the wrong side of the barricade.

Thank you, ED!

Well it's nice to see some common sense being applied to the argument. Also glad that I know very few Americans like Quasar or Bill Farce.

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